A rare treat

A rare treat

Not so long ago we went diving at one of our favorite spots these days. As usual this dive lived up to its expectations! My buddy found us a rare treat: a Halimeda ghost pipefish (Solenostomus halimeda), a juvenile! Not long after we found two more; a couple floating around close to each other. The female was clearly distinguished by its size and modified pelvic fins. Although closely related to pipefishes and seahorses ghost pipefish females are the ones that carry the fertilized eggs in their brood pouch. Halimeda ghost pipefish are the smallest of all ghost pipefishes. They are named after the algae that they imitate so precisely. Apart from their resemblance to Halimeda algae these ghost pipefish can be recognized by their long snout (the head is almost as long as the body) and the long caudal peduncle.


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