Capturing a Marbled shrimp!

Capturing a Marbled shrimp!

This is a picture of a Saron shrimp (Saron sp., family: Marble shrimps ; Hippolytidae). It is not my best photo ever; nevertheless I am pleased with it! I spend a whole dive on attempting to capture this beauty and this was my last attempt! It fills the frame, the colours are there and it is sharp. Considering the less than ideal placement of my topic I am pleased with the result!
We found this species during the day, hiding in a crevice, barely visible. Still, I wanted to give it a go since it was the most interesting animal I had seen thus far during this dive. To do so I had to break off one of my external strobes and lay it on the sand. Luckily a sandy bottom surrounded the rocks my subject was hiding in between. But… on this sandy bottom was one little bushy hydroid colony, exactly where I needed to be to be able to see my screen, let alone the shrimp.
I ended up with a rash on my hand from the focusing… and a rash on my ear from the peeking at my screen – and I can tell you: after a while it starts to burn – but also with a full frame picture of this Saron.


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