We have been looking for this colourful midget for over two years!
That is not something to be surprised of if you know that the maximum size of the carapace of this little one is 4 mm! Its name: Mosaic boxer crab (Lybia tesselata). The ‘boxer’ part of this appellation refers to the little anemones that are attached to its claws. Some call it Pom-pom crab as well, suggesting it has more of a cheerleader than of a boxer… Either way, they use the anemones to defend themselves against potential predators by waving these cnidarians with their stinging cells into the attackers face. The anemones also help collecting food.
It was –as it often is- a complete surprise to see this tiny beauty daring me into a fight, waving its anemone-gloved claws to me from the top of a little rock. I had to look twice to identify the daredevil. Once I knew for sure I squeaked with delight 🙂 It’s another ‘first-timer’, a ‘never-seen-before’ that makes diving here so wonderful!

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