What’s in a name?

What's in a name?

Every time I come across a Hypselodoris species looking like this the discussion starts. Is it an H. infucata, a H. kanga or maybe an H. obscura…?
Our nudi-books are not helping much. As a matter of fact, they make things worse! According to two of them H. kanga has black stripes, which is in contrast with our third book and the information we find on the internet. Hypselodoris obscura is restricted to Australia, according to some that is. Whereas H. infucata is a very variable species and has a broad geographical range…
Than I thought I had found the solution: H. kanga has yellow spots on its gill branches and H. infucata does not! However: The number of spots on the gills of H. kanga can range from zero (!) to many…. No wonder I get confused!
Then I found the answer on Nudipixel (www.nudipixel.net): the difference is in the shape of the gills! Hypselodoris kanga has triangular shaped gills whereas the gills of H. infucata are diamond shaped!
So ladies and gentlemen, meet Hypselodoris kanga.


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