In an Octopus ‘s Garden…

This Wonderpus photogenicus has recently been given its name and for good reason: for a full half hour this intriguing cephalopod has been alternating between walking about and posing for the camera. It is a very inquisitive little thing: reaching out its arms in order to investigate my hand as I try to take its picture. The Wonderpus might be closely related to the famous Mimic octopus, known for its impressive impersonations of lionfish, sea snakes and flatfish. The difference between these two very similar octopus species is that Wonderpus is smaller and has more distinctive stripes whereas the markings of the Mimic octopus are less clearly defined and more variable.


One thought on “In an Octopus ‘s Garden…

  1. Wig says:

    Together with the photo and your comment and the Beatle song on the background should give a perfect fixture! Imagine!

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