Why this blog…

My name is Greet and I just love to dive!

The underwater world is like a fairyland to me. It is an escape from everyday life into a world unseen by most. Another world filled with magical creatures.

Trough this blog I would like to share this world with all of you because we only care for what we know and we only protect what we care for.

For this wonderful world is under attack and the only way of saving it is revealing it to all. So that all of us can stand together and say NO to the fast and steady destruction of something although unfamiliar to most, also providing life as we know it.

Take a plunch into the deep with me and I will show you things you will never have believed existed! I will show you animals that behave in such strange ways or animals that behave just as we humans do…. I will show you beast so ugly they become adorable and cute little fishies you better keep your distance from….

Because that is the magical thing about this “Other World”… it never is what it seems!



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